Last Updated: 06/26/2018


The official Sigillum-Rasa logos and icon for approved public use. Please contact the Administrator for permission and more information.

In all cases, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered-to:

  • Image size and resolution may be altered as needed.
  • Minimum resolution allowed is 72dpi for web and 300dpi for print.
  • SVG versions are provided for responsive web-use, utilize accordingly.
  • Image proportions may not be altered from the original.
  • Image color, tone or shade may not be altered from the original.
  • The official colors are: #B22C00 (fire orange) and #222222 (carbon gray).
  • Full color, black & white and grayscale versions are provided, utilize accordingly.
  • RGB versions must be utilized for websites or applications.
  • CMYK versions must be utilized for PDF and print publications.
  • Transparencies must be maintained (if applicable).

There are two versions of the official logo and three versions of the offical icon. In either case, the "Rounded" versions (see below for examples of each) are the primary versions and to be utilized first, unless another version is more appropriate given the useage. Full screen previewing has been enabled for all media files.

Sigillum-Rasa Sample Rounded Logo:

Sigillum-Rasa Sample Rounded Logo

Sigillum-Rasa Sample Rounded Icon:

Sigillum-Rasa Sample Rounded Icon

Trademark Browser

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For security reason, some mobile browsers may NOT be able to access media files.