About Sigillum-Rasa

Games. Design. Publish. Host.

Sigillum-Rasa Enterprises, LLC is a technology company specializing in print-on-demand and online publishing for the tabletop role-playing game industry. We also handle website design and hosting for creative professionals and gamers everywhere.

Sigillum-Rasa was officially founded in 2012 by B.A. Umberger as a business consulting, training, graphic arts, and web design company with roots spanning back nearly 20 years in the Internet, technology, printing and logistic industries.

Sigillum-Rasa headquarters itself in mid-eastern Illinois with a world-class hosting data-center located near Dallas Texas, plus another in London England. We also have Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and Points of Presence (POP) across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Additionally, Sigillum-Rasa's internal services are 100% paperless, and our data center is renewable energy-based, which means our carbon footprint is nearly zero!

Mission Statement

By focusing on quality technologies, years of experience and hand-holding customer support, we continue to set ourselves apart from most other companies. We offer unique, user-friendly solutions for personal and business use by integrating best-in-class technology into our digital services.

Green Hosting by Sigillum-Rasa